Our Process

Pre Production

Step 1: Contact with us

Understanding your needs and budget. Then, we will learn about your, brand, product or service & target audience.

Step 2: Brainstorms on Idea

We will learn about your, brand, product or service & target audience. And come up with a few ideas for you. If you already have your idea in your mind, feel free to discuss with us. This is a brainstorming session. Any ideas are good for further develop!

Step 3: Look for References

A reference in video or photo form, plays an important role in for us to have a better understanding of the vibe/style of the final outcome between you and us.

Step 4: Scripting & Storyboarding

A script includes a storyline, dialogue, locations, and characters that will be portrayed in the video. We also provide a storyboard for a more efficient shoot, and a clearer understanding for both of us.

Confirmation on talents, location & props/wardrobe

Once the script is done, we will proceed with selecting the suitable talents for your script. If there is a prepared location, we will go for a location scout. Other wise, we will source out some locations and suggest it to you. Props/wardrobe are usually essential to enhance visual experience. If necessary, the production will also prepare props & wardrobe.


Step 5: Actual Shoot Day

Production will execute what is planned at the pre-production phase. Depending on the project’s needs, the crew size will vary from at least 1 man crew, to a large crew which includes: producer, director, videographer, gaffer (lighting crew), make up artist, production assistants, etc.

Post Production

Step 6: Offline Video Editing

The editor will puzzle-up all the footages together, to make a flow according to the script.

Step 7: Online Video Editing

After the client has reviewed the Offline Video Editing, we will then add in subtitles, sound effects, final color grading, visual effects, and motion graphics, base on the script we have finalized.

Step 8: Final Review

The commercial is done and with your final approval, we will upload the highest resolution quality for you. Depending on your needs, various format / resolution (Such as mobile version) can also be delivered to be posted on social medias or to share with your partners.

Our Process

Step 1

Contact with us

Step 2

Brainstorm on Ideas

Step 3

Look for References

Step 4

Scriptwriting & Storyboarding

Step 5

Details Confirmation

Step 6

Actual Shoot Day

Step 7

Offline Video Editing

Step 8

Online Video Editing

Step 9

Final Review

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